Where To Meet & Park

Parking easy as there is ample parking when you arrive. Once you arrive you should see a large sign that says “Isles of Capri Marina” which is where I will be 15 minutes prior to your charter. If I am not at the sign or you arrive early, you can either reach me on the phone number provided or I will come down and greet you. I must be present with you as you walk down the dock as per marina rules.

What To Bring

A cooler full or water and ice will be present on the boat at all times, you can elect to bring anything you would like to drink or eat with you, sports drinks, soda, beer, sandwiches, snacks. There will be plenty of room inside the cooler for whatever you bring. If shelling is on your agenda, a towel is a good choice or any kind of bag you would like to bring will also fit inside a dry compartment located on the boat. I strongly encourage to bring sunscreen of your choice, hats, sunglasses and anything else that would help with a long day in a warm climate. There is relief from the sun under the center console but a large portion of the boat is open. Everyone’s skin tolerates the sun differently, even on a seemingly cloudy day you could still catch a sunburn if you have fair skin.

What We Cover

Fishing rods, bait, tackle, and all associated fishing licenses are covered. So you technically wouldn’t have to bring anything. You could simply show up ready to hit the water!